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As most of you who will be reading this know, I am about to embark on a pretty awesome journey. Two years ago, I graduated university with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and Performance. In that time, I’ve been (stereotypically) a waitress at a couple restaurants, and once I escaped that (I love the work, hated my employers) I found myself working at a local theme park as a lighting install technician. It sounds more impressive than it actually was. From there, I became a stage technician and then helped build and maintain their Halloween Haunt.

Make no mistake, working at a theme park (especially in an area that you have a degree in!) is pretty awesome. During the winter, I was a very popular substitute teacher because of where I’ve worked. But it’s time for me to move on, kick-started by Frank’s (my boyfriend) success.

So now, under the employ of a cruise line (!), I shall be taking my theatre adventures around…well, the Caribbean for now. This is where I’ll wax lyrical about the cool places I’ll see, and people I’m bound to meet, even if it’s just for me to enjoy later 🙂

My sail date is September 3rd, and I couldn’t be more nervous and excited.

This is a sister site to Backstage Stitches, where I post my crafts. I’ve cranked out quite a bit since March 😀

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