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There are wild chickens in Key West…

on September 11, 2012

My first venture in Key West this cruise. Touristy as it is, I love the Keys.

We haven’t got a lot of time here every week. We come into port at 7 am and leave at about 2 pm so that we can get to Nassau the next day.

There are some fascinating shops here (some not so fascinating ones, too). Really, I don’t much like the shops that cater to people about my age and college kids. Some of the t-shirts they sell are vulgar, and some are just stupid.

I went into a shop called Pelican Poop, though, bought something for my cabin, and had a nice conversation with the cashier about the wild chickens.

I also passed this wonderful cake shop:

The shop is called Cakes by Karol, and really you should check out her gallery. Her cakes are fantastic.

I also went to a conch shop to grab a few post cards. It was neat in there too.

I’ll have to visit more places next time I’m here.

One response to “There are wild chickens in Key West…

  1. mommy forrest says:

    next time you go, try to find the kite shop. It’s got all kinds of kites and flying things (not sure what else to call them). Love you blog!

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