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First test

on September 12, 2012

Yesterday was the first time I did one of the shows (almost) by myself. There were a couple moments where I froze, and my (for lack of a better word – he’s the person I’m replacing) boss asked “what’s next?” and I said “I dunno!” and rushed to my cue sheets. There are some times where I tried to rush, but there was nothing to do, and other times where I was caught off guard about what I was supposed to do. Several things went wrong with the show that I could not have prevented, like people getting injured during the show. Luckily we are having a tech rehearsal this week. Just for me!

I’m realising now how much I need paper photographs. My side of the room is woefully bare, while my roomie has many photographs all over. I’m sure I’ll collect post cards and pictures along the way. Pretty much all I have is a photo of Frank and me from our senior prom, and I just bought a tiny painting from Key West, and a Jimmy Buffett magnet…

I had crowd control training today, so not much time for Cozumel. I’m coming here next week to go to the beach and some shops.

I also need some new music. Comment with suggestions?

One response to “First test

  1. If I had a way to send you paper photographs, I’d print out a bunch and send them to you! 😀 But I hope that all continues to go well for you~ Nice to read your updates!

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