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A right pain in the…

on October 8, 2012



I bruised it at some point. It’s a pain to bend over, pick something up, or cough…all of which I’ve been doing a lot recently.


Meanwhile, we had a special cruise chartered by a company called BlueStar. They sell sales technologies. The talks and workshops were fairly boring. The set up started out quite hectic. We were given information as we went, and as a tech team we rose to each occasion. It’s been a long three days, but they seemed to like us in the end.

Also, I was asked to make a schedule and color code it. I color coded the shit out of it:

It didn’t print out very well in black and white


The new cast is very nearly ready, so there shouldn’t be very many more rehearsals that I have to attend. That means I’ll finally be able to enjoy the ports more often.

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