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Hurricane Sandy and Halloween

on November 3, 2012

I realized today that I never said anything about the hurricane. While we didn’t sail through the heart of the storm itself, we did get hit with a few bands. We were shut out of one of our ports and had to float around at sea for one day, when we usually spend that day and over night in the Bahamas. Then the next day we spent about 8 hours in the port. Most of our guests and some of our staff got sea sick. Luckily, my roommate and I anticipated the waves and drugged ourselves up with the generic Dramamine about an hour before we left Miami, and then that morning while we were just floating around waiting for the Nassau port to open.

We also could not do parts of our shows, as they would have been dangerous for our dancers and the men who work backstage with me. For example, we have a rather large set of glass stairs that we put together and take down during one of the shows. Not good for dancers in high heels.

Then we had to set up for Halloween. Last year, I spent about 1000 working hours on Halloween for the Haunt at Kings Dominion. This year, for set up and take down, I spent maybe….five. It was a little heart breaking, but not as much as realizing that we had next to nothing to work with: a few blow up decorations, one of which was missing completely from the shipment, and two didn’t work. We “borrowed” crepe paper and webbing from other departments, and used some of the thousands of beads we were supposed to throw at people during the party. It turned out pretty well, but it could have been so much better. And I didn’t get any Halloween candy. *pout*

Things are back to normal..ish now. We have charter cruises coming up, and one goes to Grand Turk! I’m so glad I’m not port manning.

Mostly, though I’ve been fairly sluggish…especially since I couldn’t leave the ship last week at all. So I’ve been watching Doctor Who (which I’ve kind of fallen in love with…and season 2 finale made me cry) and cross stitching my Chrismakkah Presents. I’m thinking I’ll watch Firefly next?

2 responses to “Hurricane Sandy and Halloween

  1. mommy forrest says:

    Rachel, do you not know about ginger for seasickness? You can purchase at any grocery, pharmacy or health food store, and you can’t really OD on it. Won’t make you sleepy and does work well. Mythbusters tested and true!

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