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Christmas in the Caribbean

That goes with this song:

I like Jimmy Buffett. Luckily, so do the people of Key West, which is where I am spending Christmas morning.

And here’s a rooster laying in poinsettias:

And a chicken family:

I like that we’re still in the US so that I could call my family while they were opening the presents I sent 🙂

It doesn’t really feel like the holidays though…any of the holidays.

I mean, the ship has been decorated all month, Decorations

and we had to do a stupid “Holiday Show” that was the bane of the techs’ existence because of the retardedly heavy set piece (I probably mentioned before that it’s a Christmas show with the Dreidel song in it…),Set

and we lit the Menorah,

Tree and Menorahand we even had a little tree in our room!

Room Tree

But it’s just not the same without family and Frank…

Also, this is how I got power to my computer for this post:


My friends and I got up wicked early this morning to eat breakfast. We shouldn’t have bothered…it was sub-par. And then we exchanged presents around our little tree that we took from the desk and put on the floor. I got a wide variety of gifts, from candy to perfume (POWERPUFF GIRLS 10TH ANNIVERSARY AND IT SMELLS AWESOME)powerpuff-girls-10th-anniversary-de-warner-bros-eau-de-toilette-spray-50-ml

to some things I’d rather not share…

The cast and techs have to work from 6pm to 10 pm…which is exactly the times that the staff mess hall is open… So room service brings up food for us on show nights…

This was our Christmas dinner:

Christmas Dinner

Luckily, this was our Christmas dessert:

Christmas Dessert

And one of our dancers serenaded us with a toy piano book:


Everyone has liked my gifts so far at home…but I really miss everyone.

Happy Christmas.

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Doctor Who?

So, I recently go caught up on the entire reboot of Doctor Who. I instantly fell in love with the series. I now have TARDIS earrings, and I found a couple things around my current life that remind me of the good Doctor.

A Bahamian Police box:

Bahamian Police Box


When I work with certain chemicals, I have to wear this complicated face mask:


Are you my mummy?

I know it’s kind of a stretch, like my Hogwarts post…but I’m a full believer in the fact that you can find fandom everywhere. Even at work.

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Today I was paid to be Jewish.

Well, sort of.

My department, Entertainment, also includes the social hosts, who are responsible for activities around the ship. It also turns out that they are responsible for lighting the menorah and asking if anyone would be interested in leading the prayers.

At our last department meeting, our Cruise Director asked if there was anyone who was Jewish. Everyone pointed at me. Yep. The only one in our who department.

So, I got a phone call today from the Assistant Cruise Director telling me that the host assigned to it was kind of terrified to do it alone, so I’ve been recruited to light the menorah and lead the prayers. And that’s why I was clocked in purely because I was brought up Jewish.

So Happy Hanukkah, everyone.

Don’t worry, I also do Christmas. My mother was Southern Baptist. (Between that and the Jewish side, and then I went to a Catholic university…well, let’s just say I’ve been expose to the Guilt Trifecta.) So yay for presents!

Oh and they served latkes (that I was allowed to eat–I asked before just taking one). They were weird. They looked like regular pancakes, but they tasted like latkes. Usually the latkes we make at home look more like hashbrowns. They were pretty good. Like, they tried. I wonder what they’d do for Passover. Crew meals would probably not change at all. Which is unfortunate, because really, the only thing that I’ve found to be consistently edible is the break and packaged cereal.


In the spirit of Hanukkah, I will give you the link to two of my favourite Hanukkah songs. Really, they’re worth a listen (if perhaps a little dated by pop-culture standards).


Hey Ya (Hanukkah Style)
(You don’t have to download to listen)

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