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Play on, Nassau!

Nassau, I will admit, is not my favourite of our ports. That isn’t to say that I’m not grateful to go to the Bahamas every week! But I do like Cozumel better for sun and fun. At least where we port.

There is one thing about Nassau, though, that I’m absolutely in love with.


Marching band music is a huge deal here. Look, it’s even on the money!!

As a former member of two high school marching bands, I am still quite in love with them and the music. It’s so unique. All music is…but marching band music is so close to my heart.

Look, the Drum Majors!


They closed off the whole street for them. Then they started to march away!101_2068


Yes, there are steel drums at every corner. But how many places do you know that have real concerts randomly in the middle of the street with school age kids? There was a little boy who looked about 6, rocking the snare. I tried to get a picture of him, but he was too quick!

Today was not a good beach day, so it was shopping, internet, and this band for me today.

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Flying high!

Cozumel’s the place to be, man. Seriously, it’s the best place for excursions because we’re there for several hours, and there’s a bunch of cool stuff to do. Remember the dolphins? Cozumel. Ziplining? Cozumel.

Oh, wait…

I haven’t posted about zip line? Let me rectify that right now.

Three Cozumels ago (last week, I was portmanning, and the week before was when Frank came to visit…), my roommate and I went Zip Lining through a mexican jungle.IMG_6741



It was so fun, and we got to go around the tracks twice. They told us it was because we were special because we were the first group of the day…but we’re pretty sure they tell that to all the groups.

Oh and then we went snorkeling:101_2020




It was neat 🙂 And I don’t know how we jumped in the sea all those times without touching all these fish!


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New Beginnings

This past week, Frank has been on my ship. He bought two back to back cruises. I even got to stay in his cabin.

We were celebrating our 7 year anniversary. Now he’s been teasing me for months, telling me that he had a present for me that I couldn’t have until he saw me in person. It ate away at me…for a while. Then I forgot about it mostly. Until his trip got closer and closer. I had a guess as to what it was…but I wasn’t going to say it out loud. You know, just in case I was wrong. But if you were with someone for 7 years and they said they had an important present for you, what would you think?

So he gave me this box:


This box is a puzzle. And it locks. So you have to figure out part of it to get the key, and then different parts to find the keyhole. It’s beautiful, no?

So I open it up, and there is…lingerie. I tried not to look to disappointed. Apparently, I wasn’t very good at it. So, I let it go…sort of…and we went to do other stuff.

Later, we had a bottle of wine. Moscato…the only wine he drinks…and I don’t drink wine very often, but it was pretty good. I started to think about what I wanted, and if he really wanted it too… So I started to ask him what he thought our future was. I laid it on pretty thick.

Then I got upset…I didn’t want to pressure this man into proposing to me…I wanted this to be a choice that he really thought about and wanted. So I tried to stop talking about it…but couldn’t…word vomit, you know.

That’s when he told me to shut up. Not in a mean way, but he did use those words. I tried to protest, but he just walked away to the closet. When he came back, he had that box in his hands. It was empty, but he said it had a story.

He told me that the box was beautiful. But it’s also complicated. Like me, he says. Then he said when you figure it out, there’s something more beautiful inside. Then I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, he was down on one knee, holding this box:


With a ring inside, of course.

The design is something about the roots of new beginnings.

Here’s the ring:


So, we’re engaged now. It’s weird to say he’s my fiance…

So, officially, it happened at sea, on January 12 at about 1:30 am.

And at our Welcome Aboard Show, our Cruise Director Called me out, and showed and told everyone that I’d just gotten engaged. (I liked it a little bit.) Later, while I was doing our “Behind the Fun” tour, one of the guests asked “So, you just got engaged…how is this going to work?” Well, I’ve gotten my sign off date. Actually, I got it a while ago. I leave March 1. And my next ship it the Carnival Ecstasy on May 21. Frank signs on the the Ecstasy on February 20. So…that’s how it’s going to work.

I’m very excited.

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New Year’s and Swimming with Dolphins!

So I swam with dolphins today ^_^


And we danced.


And we kissed. My New Year’s kiss!


Her name is Troya, and she’s about 5 years old. She was really cool to swim with.


This was my first excursion and it was awesome. I went with my friend and roommate Jenny. This is us on New Year’s :



We had the date right up there on the famous Carnival Funnel:



It was supposed to change from 2012 to 2013, but it just ended up looking like this:101_2002

These were our guests:101_1994

And this was the crew, where we were all invited to the Lido Deck for the countdown:101_1988


Apparently someone complained about us partying up on deck to ring in the new year. There were drinks, but none being served up there, and there was just music and hugs, mostly. This person wrote that since they paid to be there, they should have been able to party, while we wait on them. They wanted their cruise comped. Fortunately, our Guest Services person is sane, and disregarded it.

Oh, and Frank’s coming to visit on the 11th! So excited!

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year so far 😀

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