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Bye, Jenny!

on February 4, 2013

…you lucky…


My roommate left on February 1 to go home. The last couple months, we did a bunch of stuff together.

The dolphins excursion:



And basically just hanging out. Once our group diminished from Vessel Transfers or people just going home, we spent more and more time just hanging out at port and in our room, rather than the crew bar/lounge.

We met because she was always in MY SPACE (the theatre). Just kidding. She was allowed. Entertainment host and all. She’s also a nerd like me, and we quickly bonded over our nerdiness 🙂

She was on the bottom bunk, and I was on the top. Now, when you’re a child, the top bunk is the best. You’re basically sleeping in an indoor treehouse. It’s awesome. However, I’m a grownup now…and as much as I like being whimsical and stuff, sometimes actually having to climb into your bed kind of sucks. And I’m pretty sure I sprained my ankle a couple of weeks ago bypassing the ladder and just jumping out of the bed one morning.

So, after she left, and before the new temporary roommate (which i got right away…lame) got it I was quick to claim it.

“I-is okay. I take.” That’s kind of how I felt.

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