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My Vacation from Carnival

…say what??

Nah. I mean, from my last post, I wrote how I hit the ground running (after Frank left, of course) to go to the Cease and Desist Workshop. Now, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve secured a vacation job for a couple months at my old place:


We’re building sooooooo many stage sets!! It’s stressful and also awesome. I miss this, but I will be excited to get back to the ships. (I can’t show pictures of the stages until they’re finished and the park is open. But we’re pretty awesome at stage building, just so you know.)

Plus, I’m doing a bunch of wedding stuff on my days off.

Clearly I have no idea what a vacation is.

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Cease and Desist!!

So, I was traveling a lot in the past six months. One would think I’d like a nice relaxing time at home, right?


I spent this past weekend with some (but not all the ones I’d hoped to see πŸ™‚ ) of the most awesome and badass people I know. I went to the Cincinnati for the Cease and Desist Stage Combat Workshop. This was my third Combat Workshop. And I won a coupon for half off of another workshop in January. πŸ™‚

I don’t have any action shots because I was, you know, participating. I do have some pictures of the scenery on the drive up. (The drive back was rainy.)





And this was my fairly cheap motel lol


And this was the University where we had the workshop.





I had much fun. And now I am sooooo sore.

The classes were very inspiring, and my favourites included Quarterstaff vs. Double Daggers, Basketball Battle, and Girls Gone Wild. (That last one is not what it sounds like. We discussed the methods and psychology of girl fights.)

And I have a certificate for half off of next year’s Winter Wonderland Workshop in Chicago. So, I definitely have plans for January πŸ™‚


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Actually, I’ve been home for several days now. I got home on the 1st. And then Frank had to leave on the 3rd. We got like 30 hours together. Anyway….

My last port was Cozumel. And here’s where I spent it.

This is at a place called NoName Bar. It’s For Crew, By Crew since 1999. Apparently, it was opened by someone who worked for cruise ship. It’s under a resort hotel called Barracuda. This is the pier where we jumped into the sea:






This is a resort called El Cid.


Here’s El Cid’s pier:


The snorkeling is really good here. The fish are vibrant and plentiful. Unfortunately, I’m too broke/cheap to buy an underwater camera. Ah well. Take my word for it, though. If you go to Cozumel, and you want to snorkel for a short amount of time, go here. It’s cheaper and more fun than an excursion.

Also this:



And the night was rounded off with dinner at Three Amigos. It’s a little too party-ish for me, personally. Like people dancing on theΒ  bar.




Now I’m home.

I went from this:


To this…outside my window this morning…




This is stupid and cold…

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