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Day 8: Snow? In the desert?

on February 8, 2014

We were supposed to go to Jerusalem. Imagine our surprise when we could not go because mother nature decided that the Middle East seemed like a good place for a snow storm. I remembered that little boy from Safat, and imagined he’d have the time of his life having a massive snowball fight.

Anyway, we were rerouted. We went to Jaffa, and toured around there for a while.

So much art!

There was also this fountain with weird caricatures of zodiac signs…

Then we stopped for gelato. Our guide said that if we ever wanted to see her at her happiest, this was it:

We also went to Independence Hall. This was where Israel was signed into a State.

There was a man who gave a very passionate, but a little preachy speech. I was very sleepy throughout the whole thing, but I woke a bit when he started telling us all to have Jewish babies.

Then we went to our last hostel/villa/kibbutz. We were supposed to be in a different one, but the snow happened. This place was beautiful though.

That evening, we had a pretty heavy political discussion about Israel and Palestine. It seems that if you make a decision on the subject, you’re ignoring some of the facts…

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