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Day 11: The End.

on March 11, 2014

We started packing early. I had to check and double check all the souvenirs and chocolates.

Oh, did I not say anything about this amazing chocolate?


Not only is it delicious, but it also has Pop Rock candy inside. I bought some at every single opportunity. Seriously.

We had a last chance to shop a bit, and get some food.

Then we were also supposed to go see a presentation at Yad Lakashish, but the weather held us back, so we missed the people. When we did get there, there was a video presentation about what they do. Basically, they invite elderly people to come and create items to be sold in a shop. The artistry is beautiful, and I wish I had brought my wallet. There were some beautiful mezuzas with embroidery and cross stitch. I’d like to see if I could do that.

For our last activity, we all gathered in a classroom and sat in a circle. Shira took out a ball of red yarn, and as we tossed the ball around, each of us shared an “aha” moment.

I think I had a few, but I know that one of them was in Yad Vashem. I saw a picture of an interfaith couple (one was Jewish, and the other was not), and ti really struck a chord, because that’s how Frank and I will be. What if that was us? He’d be ostracized and terrorized just as much as me. That’s terrifying.

We were all holding the same yarn for a moment. All of us. Then we each broke a piece off, and tied it around our left wrist. The idea is that you put out energy with your right, and take in energy from your left. The yarn was supposed to help filter out any bad energy trying to enter.

I took all the rest, and made this:
This was really the last time we were all together. Some left at the airport to extend their stay. Ofer met us at the airport because he just couldn’t stay away. These 40-odd people are so close to me now, and I knew them for ten days. We are all connected on facebook, and we share things everyday. This trip really was all about “taglit,” discovery.

I definitely felt more of a connection to this part of my upbringing. I’m not a particularly religious person, in general, and I was raised interfaith (Jewish and Southern Baptist…what a mix, right?). I feel like I was more inclined to start thinking about the future because of my upcoming marriage…and what that will and might bring. I’d like to share some traditions and holidays and food with my new family without being overbearing with this new feeling.

I’ve been encouraging everyone I know to be Jewish to take this trip. I even met a family on the ship who was Jewish with a young daughter, and I spoke to them at length about it. Do this. You will never regret it.

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