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Welcome to Paradise!

on March 11, 2014

Okay, I’ve actually been on the ship for about 2 months now. I really needed to finish the Israel posts before I did any other ones, I told myself.

Really, it’s been pretty mundane, up until a couple cruises ago, when this happened:

Cruise ship rescues 24 stranded Cubans

We were actually getting ready for our first show of the evening when we heard our cruise director say something about a tiny boat that appeared in distress, so we all went out on deck to see.

That’s the Celebrity Silhouette in the distance. Maritime law states that any ship within a certain distance of a distressed vessel must respond. There was also another ship that we could barely make out on the horizon heading toward us as well.
Most of us had never seen anything like this before…
All photos courtesy of Scott, our bass player.
There were 23 men and one woman. They were brought onboard and subjected to a security search, after which they were looked at by the medical staff and given fresh clothes, food, and water. They’d been stranded for 5 days, with very little to eat or drink. They stayed in the Officer’s Mess where they were watched by security overnight, and disembarked in Grand Cayman when we arrived the next day.
I hope they’re alright now.

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