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Cabin Chrismakkah

on December 28, 2014

Holidays on a cruise ship are very different from what you get at home, but they have their own weird charm.
Hanukkah was celebrated for eight nights in the Main Atrium with a giant menorah.


Being one of the only Jewish crew members onboard, I led the celebrations, and dealt with concerns regarding certain traditions including why we couldn’t light actual candles. We don’t allow candles onboard due to risk of fire, which is the most dangerous event on a ship. I say this, but the guests’ counter is “but smokers!”….and I don’t know how to respond to that…

“Our centuries old tradition could kill us all…but you could totally carry a tiny firestarter in your pocket always, if you want. Just flick it eight times.”


We had a Holiday Christmas Show that we put on a couple times. It’s mostly just singing, and a short story for the children, but it’s set up kind of homey, and it’s cute.


Meanwhile, my mom sent us some Hanukkah and Christmas stuff for our cabin, and then I found a gingerbread kit at Target that I couldn’t resist. So decorations!


I meant to cross stitch a little menorah for our cabin, but between all the Christmas prep, I didn’t really have time, and I couldn’t find the right plastic canvas in time. I’ll make one for next year. I already have a pattern all ready 🙂
This coming cruise is the New Year’s Cruise and the parties should be pretty good. See you all next year!

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