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Abandoned/Not Abandoned

on September 2, 2015

It’s been a long time (almost a year!) since last I posted.

I’ve done a lot of really cool things, and I’m still traveling. I will, I promise get around to posting about the snorkeling, and the time I sat with a rescued jaguar…

And I haven’t abandoned this blog…but I kinda have.

I have been struggling at work. Not because of the work itself…it’s stupid amounts of easy. Real stage managers would laugh at the lack of difficulty at my job right now. Come to that, most stage hands would too. I’m struggling because of just that. It’s easy work…almost to the point that it’s insulting. I want to be challenged, and the only way I’m being challenged at the moment is with piles of unnecessary paperwork and a boss who doesn’t question ANYTHING he’s told, and gets miffed when I do.

I’m becoming quite disillusioned. Because of this, Backstage Stitches is getting a lot of attention because I just keep throwing myself into that hobby.

Over the next month, I’m stuck in trainings forever and ever, but I’m hoping in October, I’ll be able to start working on my SCUBA license.

I also hope over the next month, I’ll be able to organize my photos and start to post about my other travels.

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