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End of hiatus!



I’m getting back to the ships. Today, I drove…*checks Google Maps*…over 800 miles today to get to Orlando. Sunday, I will be shipping out of Port Canaveral on the Carnival Sensation. So, I have a couple days to kill (after I get some stuff done which is the reason I’m here so early in the first place). I’m going to try to get to Harry Potter world!!

Anyway. Here are pictures from my drive.

Start: Virginia.

As I drove south, I got to say good bye for real to Kings Dominion


I’ve had some really awesome times at that place 🙂

There was no leaving sign, so next is…


Notable fact about North Carolina: my best friend went to college there. She has a blog about food. Read it.

Of course, just south of North Carolina is…   IMG_0153

Winner overall for classiest Welcome sign. Thank you, South Carolina, for your kind words and brickwork.

Then this happens:IMG_0154

When I was younger, my family lived in Florida and we’d drive to Virginia twice a year to visit my grandparents. We had a couple games we’d play in the car, and one of them was to try and count the amount of billboards advertising this place. They start about 100 miles out.

South Carolina also wishes you farewell:


You’re welcome, South Carolina.

Hello, Georgia.IMG_0159

Now, here I stopped to get gas right before Florida and use the restroom. This was the men’s room:


Pretty standard.

Then I saw the women’s bathroom:


Wtf? Why did that need to be pointed out? Even though there were two stalls, I locked the main door too.

Final stretch!


And now, I’m in my hotel. In a giant bed. Sooooo sleepy.

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