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Bachelor/ette Party/Wedding/Honeymoon NYC

Myyyyyy goodness…it has been a long time. So, this will be a long post…

Following the first Carnival LIVE, we had two more (Martina McBride and Chicago!), and while they were very exciting and cool to work, from a blogging standpoint, there wasn’t much more to add to the first post other than “We did the thing again! With different boxes!”

After that, my life was consumed with WEDDING. And cross-stitching (lol)

In the midst of getting together what I could while I was still on the ship, we were “kidnapped” on Cozumel for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party by our cast. We were given capes and crowns, and people had segregated them according to our last names.


We had to perform various tasks for “House Points,” such as “proposing to someone else (as sappily and emotionally as possible):”


Various trivias (with the help of our teams):


And a twerking contest:


In the end, we tied, because “marriage isn’t a competition,” or some nonsense like that. 🙂



DSC_0529It was a good day.

Then we came home, and hit the ground running…and…

…as of 2:28 pm September 6, 2014, I married the love of my life, on the nine year anniversary of the day we met. Hooray!


For our honeymoon, we decided to stick close to home (while still spending an exorbitant amount of money), and traveled to the Big Apple for a week. The original plan was to see 4 shows, and go to museums, and then just sort of play it by ear.

The first day, we had no evening plans, but when I discovered we were staying only about a block away from the Ziegfeld Theatre, I decided we just had to see what was playing there (provided that it wasn’t a horror film). The last time I’d been there I’d seen StarWars Episode 3. This time, the fare was considerably better: Guardians of the Galaxy. Hardcore recommend, but you will cry.


I started us out pretty busy the next day. First VideoGamesNewYork, a tiny little shop that is literally floor-to-ceiling vintage and modern video game paraphernalia.




From there, we moved on to Nintendo World, one of very few Nintendo shops in the world. Or, we tried. We found the LEGO Store first.

Those are drawers floor-to-ceiling full of LEGO bricks!

Those are drawers floor-to-ceiling full of LEGO bricks!

I tried to make a LEGO me and LEGO Frank at the “Build a Character” station, but there was no blonde hair for me, and no brown short hair for Frank! Sad.

We were in Rockefeller Center at this point, and made a point to look around.


We finally got to the Nintendo Store. WE GOT SO MANY STREET PASSES.

Easily my favorite part was the mini museum they had set up with their awards through the years, and display of handheld gaming systems.



After a short lunch break, we explored the city more and found M&Ms World.



Across the street is a Hershey’s shop.


And then we walked all the way back up Manhatten to see FAO Schwartz, where we found a Jim Henson Puppet display/shop



And GIANT candy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat evening we saw the first of our planned shows: Matilda


.Lovely. Highly recommend. It’s more based on the book than the Danny DeVito movie (lol), but it should be.

That evening, I was already not content with the amount of shows we were seeing, and I had just seen a show listed that was star-studded. With Frank’s blessing, I booked a matinee for the next day, and we were suddenly seeing two shows in one day. That’s a long time to be in dress-up clothes. But we did it!




Comedy gold, if not a little self-indulgent. There was a good amount of “inside” jokes, if you’re a theatre person, along with name dropping; Nathan Lane dropped his own name at one point!

We filled the gap walking around, and eventually found the Fashion District by accident, purely because I saw a HUGE button and needle statue, and needed to find out what it was

And take a picture with it.

And take a picture with it.

Then, we went Off-Broadway:


I’d seen a version of this before, but it’s hilarious every time.

Our third day, we intended to take a break from theatre. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We walked through Central Park, and stopped to see Balto.


At first, I thought we could see the entire museum, but by the time we finished the Ancient Greek bit, it was lunchtime. At that point, with 5 hours left, we decided to pick and choose the rest of the way.

We spent a long time in the music section. Frank plays guitar, and I played clarinet from grades 4-12.


Then moved on to Arms and Armament


Stopped by the Egyptian exhibit, where there’s an entire ancient temple


And some tomb stuff

Are you my mummy?

Are you my mummy?

The Asian section was complete with a little rooftop garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe American section was a bit of an afterthought for us, but did not disappoint.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlong with all the other great stuff they have to represent us, there is the most patriotic frame ever on this painting of George Washington. The top is cut off, and the rest is difficult to see through the glass, but the top is an eagle with two flags, and there are cannons down the sides.


We would have gotten a better picture, but we were politely being reminded that the museum was going to close in ten minutes, and if we could please get the hell out, that would be great, thanks.

Also this “WTF?” bust.


Seeing how it was only 5:30 when the museum closed, and we didn’t want to spend ludicrous amounts of money in the gift shop, we were left wondering what to do for the evening. I heard about 20at20 the evening before, which is a program in which you show up to a participating show 20 minutes before the show, and if there are seat available, you get tickets for $20. Pretty good deal. One really stuck out to me: Drunk Shakespeare.


We were across town, but made it in time to get ticket for this show in a bar. It turned out they were doing Macbeth, which is my all-time favorite of the Bard’s plays. The premise is that one of the actors takes 5 shots before the show, and then…they do the show. Abridged, obviously.

IMG_1203“Somehow” we ended up with “Mackie B’s” letter to his wife.

Needless to say, it was hilariously fun.

The next few days, we actually took it more easy on the sightseeing. We did go to Central Park a couple of times, and the Zoo once.

We saw Les Miserables

IMG_1200I’d never seen it, even the movie. It was incredible.

The last show we’d planned to see was Book of Mormon. I’d heard nothing but good things, but I had reservations, because the writers were the same from South Park and I’m not a huge fan of the show. However, I’m totally obsessed with that show now


Our Elder Cunningham was Benji from Pitch Perfect. Wonderful casting. I wish I had the recording of him.

The last full day, we had no plans, so I dragged us into the TKTS line to see if we could squeeze in one more show.

IMG_1202We could! I couldn’t resist. Idina Menzel was great, and the story and design we phenomenal. It’s really amazing what you can do with a big budget (light up, revolving stages!).

It was so wonderful to see all these great places and shows. My mom originally thought that it would be like a Busman’s Holiday, but it wasn’t. We both really enjoyed ourselves.

We’re also really anxious to get back to work, partly for a paycheck, but mostly because we have some exciting prospects coming up!

(New contract resolution: update this blog more!!!)

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My poor travel blog has been a bit neglected of late, and I’m sorry.

The thing is, with all my trainings, I’ve not done too much in my ports of call yet. I’ll write about those trainings once I get all the pictures back.

Oh, and also, Frank and I are FINALLY on the same ship 🙂 So I’ve been enjoying that for a while.

So…the Carnival Sensation.


Same class ship as the Imagination, so I kinda knew my way around (physically, at least).

And I know my way around on of the ports already. We’re in Nassau, Bahamas twice a week in this run:


(You can’t know how difficult it is to get a picture of that sign with no people in it. I had to take my moment!)

Anyway, the Bahamas are celebrating 40 years of independence this year on July 10 (same as my brother’s birthday!). They’ve been celebrating for about a month. 40 days up until the 10th.


We’ll be here on the 9th, and till 1 am on the 10th…

There is one place we’ve been hanging out a lot. This pub is mostly for crew of ships.IMG_0275

Good food and good internet. Hard combination to come by.


Our other port (besides home) is Freeport, Bahamas.IMG_0856

I haven’t really had a chance to look around this port a whole bunch. Frank doesn’t like being in the hot too much, and that’s pretty much all it is lol.

This place has good burgers, though:


And we take them back to the ship.


Once the tech rehearsals are finished and we both feel a little better, I think I’ll explore a bit more around Freeport.

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New Beginnings

This past week, Frank has been on my ship. He bought two back to back cruises. I even got to stay in his cabin.

We were celebrating our 7 year anniversary. Now he’s been teasing me for months, telling me that he had a present for me that I couldn’t have until he saw me in person. It ate away at me…for a while. Then I forgot about it mostly. Until his trip got closer and closer. I had a guess as to what it was…but I wasn’t going to say it out loud. You know, just in case I was wrong. But if you were with someone for 7 years and they said they had an important present for you, what would you think?

So he gave me this box:


This box is a puzzle. And it locks. So you have to figure out part of it to get the key, and then different parts to find the keyhole. It’s beautiful, no?

So I open it up, and there is…lingerie. I tried not to look to disappointed. Apparently, I wasn’t very good at it. So, I let it go…sort of…and we went to do other stuff.

Later, we had a bottle of wine. Moscato…the only wine he drinks…and I don’t drink wine very often, but it was pretty good. I started to think about what I wanted, and if he really wanted it too… So I started to ask him what he thought our future was. I laid it on pretty thick.

Then I got upset…I didn’t want to pressure this man into proposing to me…I wanted this to be a choice that he really thought about and wanted. So I tried to stop talking about it…but couldn’t…word vomit, you know.

That’s when he told me to shut up. Not in a mean way, but he did use those words. I tried to protest, but he just walked away to the closet. When he came back, he had that box in his hands. It was empty, but he said it had a story.

He told me that the box was beautiful. But it’s also complicated. Like me, he says. Then he said when you figure it out, there’s something more beautiful inside. Then I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, he was down on one knee, holding this box:


With a ring inside, of course.

The design is something about the roots of new beginnings.

Here’s the ring:


So, we’re engaged now. It’s weird to say he’s my fiance…

So, officially, it happened at sea, on January 12 at about 1:30 am.

And at our Welcome Aboard Show, our Cruise Director Called me out, and showed and told everyone that I’d just gotten engaged. (I liked it a little bit.) Later, while I was doing our “Behind the Fun” tour, one of the guests asked “So, you just got engaged…how is this going to work?” Well, I’ve gotten my sign off date. Actually, I got it a while ago. I leave March 1. And my next ship it the Carnival Ecstasy on May 21. Frank signs on the the Ecstasy on February 20. So…that’s how it’s going to work.

I’m very excited.

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