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Actually, I’ve been home for several days now. I got home on the 1st. And then Frank had to leave on the 3rd. We got like 30 hours together. Anyway….

My last port was Cozumel. And here’s where I spent it.

This is at a place called NoName Bar. It’s For Crew, By Crew since 1999. Apparently, it was opened by someone who worked for cruise ship. It’s under a resort hotel called Barracuda. This is the pier where we jumped into the sea:






This is a resort called El Cid.


Here’s El Cid’s pier:


The snorkeling is really good here. The fish are vibrant and plentiful. Unfortunately, I’m too broke/cheap to buy an underwater camera. Ah well. Take my word for it, though. If you go to Cozumel, and you want to snorkel for a short amount of time, go here. It’s cheaper and more fun than an excursion.

Also this:



And the night was rounded off with dinner at Three Amigos. It’s a little too party-ish for me, personally. Like people dancing on the  bar.




Now I’m home.

I went from this:


To this…outside my window this morning…




This is stupid and cold…

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Sick Sickly….

I’ve been pretty sick for the past week and a half. I should have been taken off of duties, but anyone who knows me at all knows that I try to avoid that as much as possible.
It’s tough being sick on a ship. You’re in such close quarters with everyone, especially your roommate. And our vents are covered in dust. Luckily I don’t deal with guests very much. One, because then I don’t give them the plague, and two, they don’t give me anything else.

No shows were cancelled, though my sick brain did check out during one show, and it was really close to having to call a show stop.

I’m better now, and its really nice to get off the ship and breathe some fresh air.

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First Cozumel

My first stop! Cozumel!

I’m not seeing much of it today. I’m really just using the closest restaurant for their internet. It was a shock (though it should really have been unsurprising) to find my Google giving me all Spanish results lol…

My first couple of days have been filled with paperwork and brainwashing. That was the first thing I thought when I heard the soothing female voice in one of the safety videos I had to watch. Most of it common sense stuff.

It’s the theatre stuff that’s melting my newly washed brain…

In Kings Dominion (the theme park where I worked for nearly two season) I had cues enough to keep me busy for a 20 minute show. Ten at the most, probably this year, and looking for things to do during the show. Here, I have four typed pages for just one show, and that’s just what I do! On top of that, I supervise 6 guys who work in other departments, but work as stage hands for the shows.

Probably the most exciting part at this point is that I need pyrotechnical training. We have four pyro cues in the show, and I need to be able to tell when it is safe for each cue to fire.

I am so nervous that I won’t be able to learn everything before my predecessor leaves…


Oh, and here’s a photo of my ship I took today:

The Carnival Imagination!

Here’s where I sleep, top bunk!

I get a little curtain for privacy, and a little light over my head for lit up privacy 😀

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