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Hey, we’re not hermit crabs!

We do go out sometimes once. Last Nassau day, Frank and I got off the ship early (!) and went to Paradise Island to visit the Atlantis Resort and their aquarium. 

First, we saw this guy:



Then we had to take a picture of the “JMU fish” for Frank:




Then there were so many!100_2277



And this shark:


This part of the aquarium was called The Dig, and they modeled it to look like the Lost City of Atlantis.


Shark again.


And another sting ray


The attention to detail in the architecture was pretty incredible.


The JMU fish again.


This was our guide paper to the fish as we walked through the place:




Then we saw the lobsters100_2291



And I only got one good picture of a lionfish. I think they’re awesome100_2297




This fish was weird and bony:


As I walked around the corner to this next tank, I cried out “Oh my god…” The pictures can’t really show you just how big this grouper is…


It’s massive


Then there was a touch tank.



Lots of fish!100_2310

100_2311Then the jellies



100_2314They’re so pretty




I couldn’t get a good shot of this pufferfish.100_2318



Clownfish are my favourite fishes! Even before Finding Nemo. We used to have one that lived in a shell because we didn’t have an anenome.

Most of the seahorses were difficult to spot among the seaweed, but this guy stood out.

We left the Dig, and made our way to the predators exhibit. The walk was beautiful as well.100_2326





There was a whole group of these guys:100_2331


And then this one:100_2333


The predators part was under that shell building.100_2335




I think this one looks like a Gyarados:100_2339

I have been playing pokemon a lot.100_2340





And this fish.100_2346

I love tunnel aquariums like this. Though the BGM was a little horrible.100_2347

Look! A flying barracuda!100_2348


We saw another massive fish. I had Frank stand near it to gauge how big it was. 100_2350



And some seatutles! (For Isaac)100_2353

And some poisony-looking eels.100_2357


As we left, we were waved out by this creepy mannequin:100_2355

It was a good trip. And it’s odd, because we’ve gone to at least three aquariums together on separate occasions, and Frank doesn’t like the ocean lol…

He says this always reaffirms his fear of the sea. I think sea creatures are awesome.

So…now no one can say we didn’t do anything on our trip/job. We saw fish. 



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My birthday!

So…Tuesday was my birthday!!!

And I was in Nassau, Bahamas. Now, I have stated before that Nassau …may not be my favourite port ever. However, my friends told us about a pretty hotel called Graycliff. It has a beautiful pool area and a koi pond. Oh! And a chocolate factory. I was so busy having a good time, that I didn’t take any pictures of the place. I’ll get on that next time.

We also partied pretty hard in the crew party the night leading up to my birthtime, and Tuesday night after work while we were leaving Nassau.

My friends decorated my door on Monday night:


I didn’t get a picture while there was still limbo crepe paper up because our steward needed to come in and clean. But still… 🙂

And then presents!



And cards!





One of the dancers, Sandy, made the black card. It’s black Gaffe (ish) tape on black construction paper. It’s cute because pretty much everything I do and wear is in black as the backstage manager.

And here’s some of the chocolate from Graycliff:



Doesn’t the blue one look like a painting? It was dark chocolate and salted caramel. The other was milk chocolate and mango.

So I’ll be back with Graycliff pictures. And I promise not to leave this much of a gap…no I don’t. But I’ll try 🙂

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My poor travel blog has been a bit neglected of late, and I’m sorry.

The thing is, with all my trainings, I’ve not done too much in my ports of call yet. I’ll write about those trainings once I get all the pictures back.

Oh, and also, Frank and I are FINALLY on the same ship 🙂 So I’ve been enjoying that for a while.

So…the Carnival Sensation.


Same class ship as the Imagination, so I kinda knew my way around (physically, at least).

And I know my way around on of the ports already. We’re in Nassau, Bahamas twice a week in this run:


(You can’t know how difficult it is to get a picture of that sign with no people in it. I had to take my moment!)

Anyway, the Bahamas are celebrating 40 years of independence this year on July 10 (same as my brother’s birthday!). They’ve been celebrating for about a month. 40 days up until the 10th.


We’ll be here on the 9th, and till 1 am on the 10th…

There is one place we’ve been hanging out a lot. This pub is mostly for crew of ships.IMG_0275

Good food and good internet. Hard combination to come by.


Our other port (besides home) is Freeport, Bahamas.IMG_0856

I haven’t really had a chance to look around this port a whole bunch. Frank doesn’t like being in the hot too much, and that’s pretty much all it is lol.

This place has good burgers, though:


And we take them back to the ship.


Once the tech rehearsals are finished and we both feel a little better, I think I’ll explore a bit more around Freeport.

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Play on, Nassau!

Nassau, I will admit, is not my favourite of our ports. That isn’t to say that I’m not grateful to go to the Bahamas every week! But I do like Cozumel better for sun and fun. At least where we port.

There is one thing about Nassau, though, that I’m absolutely in love with.


Marching band music is a huge deal here. Look, it’s even on the money!!

As a former member of two high school marching bands, I am still quite in love with them and the music. It’s so unique. All music is…but marching band music is so close to my heart.

Look, the Drum Majors!


They closed off the whole street for them. Then they started to march away!101_2068


Yes, there are steel drums at every corner. But how many places do you know that have real concerts randomly in the middle of the street with school age kids? There was a little boy who looked about 6, rocking the snare. I tried to get a picture of him, but he was too quick!

Today was not a good beach day, so it was shopping, internet, and this band for me today.

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Doctor Who?

So, I recently go caught up on the entire reboot of Doctor Who. I instantly fell in love with the series. I now have TARDIS earrings, and I found a couple things around my current life that remind me of the good Doctor.

A Bahamian Police box:

Bahamian Police Box


When I work with certain chemicals, I have to wear this complicated face mask:


Are you my mummy?

I know it’s kind of a stretch, like my Hogwarts post…but I’m a full believer in the fact that you can find fandom everywhere. Even at work.

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Solo at sea.

This is my first cruise without the person I was replacing. I was so nervous that I called a tech run, which actually went pretty well. The actual show went pretty well too, except I raised one of the curtains too early, but luckily everything behind it was set, and the backdrop pretty much matched the tone of the song being sung. All in all, it could definitely have been worse. I feel better about being on my own now. I already have a few repairs to do that I didn’t notice before. But now, I can start to relax into a routine.

And speaking of relaxing, I have volunteered to be a spa model for embark days. This means that in exchange for letting people walk in on the session (with everything including my face covered, of course), I get a $200 treatment for free. it wasn’t entirely relaxing, but I felt pretty good afterwards. I don’t know many details about what it does, but there are electrodes and algae. And if I keep doing it, I’ll have a six pack by the end of the contract. I’m okay with that.

Because of the tech run, I did not spent time in Nassau. I’ll have to explore next week.

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