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Doctor Who?

So, I recently go caught up on the entire reboot of Doctor Who. I instantly fell in love with the series. I now have TARDIS earrings, and I found a couple things around my current life that remind me of the good Doctor.

A Bahamian Police box:

Bahamian Police Box


When I work with certain chemicals, I have to wear this complicated face mask:


Are you my mummy?

I know it’s kind of a stretch, like my Hogwarts post…but I’m a full believer in the fact that you can find fandom everywhere. Even at work.

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Why my ship is like Hogwarts

I have noticed several things that parallel the magic castle from the Harry Potter universe known as Hogwarts, and it makes me smile. My friends accuse me of making a very feeble argument, but here’s what I’ve got:

1.) We have to walk through a special curtain (secret tapestry) to get to our rooms.

2.) We have secret doors that look like the walls:


Plus, most of these doors lead to secret passageways throughout the ship.

3.) In our atrium, we have a glass ceiling that opens up to the sky…or perhaps an enchanted ceiling??

4.) I have a transforming set of stairs and moving floor at my disposal in the theatre. We couldn’t decide if taking a picture of the stairs would be allowed due to copyright law. And the moving floor is just a circle till it moves. Just believe me on this one.

5.) Pretty much every day that we open our doors or windows, they open up somewhere different. Like the Room of Requirement in the last book for Neville secretly living in it.

6.) When I come back to the room after working even for like 20 minutes, my bed is made and we have fresh towels. Room stewards or HOUSE ELVES??
On top of all of this, my first week I experienced elation at finding my theatre from my room without getting lost, which paralleled immensely with the described delight experienced by Harry and Ron when they first found their class without getting lost in their first week at Hogwarts.


And that’s why working on a ship is like living at Hogwarts.