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Day 5: Shopping and Israelis!

This was the day we were told to wait for. This was shopping day…after a tour. This was Safat Day. Shopping, shopping, shop-ping!

But first a tour. I’m going to be quite honest here…I remember very little about the tour because of the frigid weather. It was rain/icing, and it was not one bit fun.

There were a couple of cool things I do remember about the place (besides the shopping).

Everything has blue painted on it somewhere.


The idea is that bad spirits coming to Earth will believe they are still in the sky, and pass on through.

There was also this place:

This alley is said to be part of the most direct route to Mount of Olives from Jerusalem. So, the messiah would have to pass though here. There was a woman several years back (but less than 10, so it’s not just a legend) that outlived her entire family. She would come to this spot with tea, coffee and cookies. When asked what she was doing, she said she was waiting for the messiah, and if he came by she didn’t want to miss him. When asked about her cookies, she said that he might be hungry. When asked why she had tea and coffee, she would say that she didn’t know which he would prefer. When she passed away, they put up a sign with her story.


The best part was this little boy who walked passed us as we were hearing one of these stories. It had been hailing and flurrying all morning, but not much. It was just cold. This boy had gathered all the snow and ice he could find on his route to school, and called to our group. “Look!” he said. We all congratulated him on his golf ball sized snow ball. Then he said “I can throw?” Of course we all said “Sure!” because who’s going to deny a child of maybe the only snowball throwing he’ll ever have? It hit out Kesher coordinator, and she wasn’t happy, but it was pretty much the highlight of the day.

While shopping, I bought…way too much. Two pieces of art featuring the Hebrew word for “life” and a silver magendavid inlaid with eilat, which is the national stone of Israel, and only found in the Negev Desert.

After this, we met up with our Israeli friends for lunch. The night before, we had made the facebook pages for them, and at this point, we were presenting them to our new friends. Luckily, they all loved the pages we made, even though the one I helped make was pretty off.

We were going to go the the Golan Heights, which I hear are pretty amazing, but apparently the wind would have blown us off the mountain or something, so we just watched a movie about them. It was a multi-dimentional movie with water for rain and fans for the breeze and everything. I sat by Miri, one of our new friends, and she and I and Brian made fun of it hardcore.

We immediately regretted the making fun of, and most of us probably wished we could have watched a video for the next part as well, but then we went to a nature preserve for Griffon vultures. It was pretty cool, and we even saw some! (I don’t have a very good camera, though, so I just enjoyed the moment.)

Afterwards, we headed to a new hostel. We had a presentation on Israeli cinema, which was pretty cool, and probably would have been way cooler had it not been at about 9 pm.

After that, we played a round of the paper telephone game, but there were far too many people, and it took far too long.

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