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Day 6: The second event we crashed

on January 23, 2014

I’m pretty sure this is when I started sleeping through breakfast. Veggies in the morning isn’t really my thing, and I found that I got less bus-sick if I didn’t eat in the morning. That’s right…I work on the sea, and the worst motion sickness I’ve gotten is on the roads of Israel.

We first went to a cemetery near the Kinaret River. We visited some famous grave sites, and learned about the Labour Movement. Our Israeli companions gave some interesting insight to the things we were talking about.

Then we went to Tzippori. The wind was raging and the rain was stinging, but we plugged along anyway. Most of it was under a roof anyway.

We saw how ancient Jews were influenced by Roman culture in mosaics and such.

Then we went inside to what is apparently a still functioning synagog, because this happened:

Yep, we crashed another party. This time it was a Bar Mitzvah. Hilarious. For us. Probably not for the family and that embarrassed 13 year old.

We finished our tour, then took our bus to a new hostel. We had an unprecedented few hours of free time before our small Shabbat service.

Afterwards, we played a game of the Israelis’ devising. It was a memory game to see if we remembered all the places in Israel. I was our Israel. Also cheating may have ensued. Maybe.

At this point, it felt like they had been with us the entire trip, which itself felt like it was a year long already.

Also, we didn’t like this hostel. It was weird, and we had a mouse in our room.

Browndoggy seemed okay with it.



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