Backstage Travels

All the world's a stage…


on November 2, 2012

Small but numerous.

Portmanning provides a good opportunity to not get off the ship…/sarcasm.

I’m learning quite a bit about other nationalities and cultures. Last week, while I was very hormonally prone to being quite annoyed at random things, I paid special attention to those things that are different from the American way of life I’m used to.

Like, people crown the front of the elevators. Waiting for a turn doesn’t really happen unless the men are giving way for the women. Similarly, most don’t think anyone else’s time is as important as their own. I (and others I’ve observed) am left waiting as if I have no work to get done. Meanwhile, someone above me tried to get me to do a time-consuming inventory while I was calling 5 minutes to places for a show.

These, among others, have been a source of my complaints in the last few days.

Nassau tomorrow.

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