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“This is my friend, now”

on November 14, 2012

This is my friend Kristen. This picture is appropriate for our friendship.

She left this weekend to go to the stupid Carnival Glory. Because she’s a jerk. But I want her to be happy also because she’s my friend.

She’s more than just my friend, though. She was the first friend I ever had with Carnival. I would like to share our story. Because it’s funny. To us. Really.

So, there I was, innocent as anything, and nervous about my new job. I wasn’t really looking at anyone or talking. I had all my paperwork and passport out and ready. Suddenly, this girl approached (accosted?) me. This is what she said: “You’re American. We’re friends now.” I didn’t have any idea at that point that Americans are kind of hard to come by on the ship. But she seemed to be knowledgeable. She told me about all the ships she’d been on. I was very interested, given my level of nervousness. She should have just stopped there. But she got cocky.

A man was approaching our group of Sign-Ons. She said “Watch, I can guess where people work just by looking at them. This guy works in the art gallery.” She then approached the man, introduced herself, told him that she was the showband singer, and asked him his name: James, and he was a first contract. Then she asked where he was supposed to work…

Personal Trainer.

And all I could think was, “Welp, that’s my friend now.”

And she was. And that was pretty much the tone of our relationship from then on.

And we watched the Paralympics together. Another bonding moment. Apparently you don’t have to be wheelchair bound to participate in Wheelchair Fencing.

Also, this happened last week:

Kristen: That ship is just called “The World”
Me: I don’t recognize that logo…
Kristen: I’ll Google it.
Me: Yes, Google “The World.” Tell me how that goes for you.
So that’s my jerk friend who left me. She’s pretty awesome.

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