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Holy Chartered Cruise!!

on November 9, 2012

…well, some of the passengers thought so anyway. It was a Christian Rock Festival called The Music Boat that rented the whole boat for 4 days. Apparently, I met some famous bands. Well, famous in the Christian Rock world. Now, although the subject matter isn’t really my cup of tea, some of the bands weren’t that bad.

I couldn’t do very much in the way of being helpful for the bands, because it would have taken their technicians more time to explain what they needed than it would for them to just do it themselves. It was frustrating.

Also there were the 15 hour days to contend with. I’ve done them before, of course, but usually I’m prepared for them. Luckily, on the ship, afterward my commute is a 5 minute walk, not a 45 minute drive.

We deviated from our usual itinerary, and went to Grand Turk instead of Cozumel and Key West. It was interesting. Mostly shops and beaches.

Oh, and I thought this was funny. We have these decorative sphinxes all around the upper decks. They look like this:

But during the Christian charter, they looked like this:

The housekeeping staff had been told to put little bras on every single one of them! Because I’d been stuck backstage doing a whole lot of nothing, I didn’t notice until the last night when I’d been asked to do something for the deck stage. I think it was funny.

All in all, it was exhausting, and I learned that I have a whole lot more to learn about everything. I seem to always learn that one…

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